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About Us

Toucan Carpet Cleaning is an experienced carpet cleaning service based in Newmarket,Suffolk. We are an independent company, and we use a hot water extraction cleaning service for carpets and all other soft furnishings. When working we use Prochem and Karcher equipment and non toxic solutions, which ensures a nice fresh smell on completion.

We are very conscientious in our work, and use a hands on approach to cleaning and stain removal. Our hot water extraction system gets the best results, and cleans the carpet right down to the base, killing bacteria in the process. Cleaning your carpets once every 12 months can prolong your carpets life by some distance.

Our service produces quick drying times, leaving your item damp rather than wet, as our powerful extraction tool is very efficient.

For sofas and other items, the inevitable spills and constant contact from people and pets can be reversed, once again our deep clean system extracts dirt, grease, sweat etc leaving your item a lot fresher.

We can adapt to different materials, especially with rugs, and can find the right way to clean your item. Mattresses too.

As a local company, we offer a friendly professional service.
Check out Toucan Carpet Cleaning price list and give us a call today on 07771960839.